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How to Have a Super Immune System

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We’re closed and it’s all due to a virus.  I’m going to say that again except slower. THE GYM IS CLOSED BECAUSE OF A VIRUS. That statement has a few layers, let’s talk about the deeper one. Your immune system benefits when you stay active. So just because we’re closed DOES NOT MEAN you shouldn’t stay active. If anything now is the time you should be throwing each and every excuse you have out the window and go for it! But if you sit around and let the quarantine get the best of you, it might not be so pretty.

There’s a few different theories out there as to why exactly, but the gist of it all is that working out boosts your immune system. Long term and immediately afterwards. People who have more active lifestyles tend to have more white blood cells. White blood cells directly attack infections, so it’s easy to see that more is usually a better thing. Also, exercise can help slow down the release of stress hormones, which can wreak havoc on your body, including suppressing your immune system.

If you are currently sick, working out might not be as terrible of an idea as it seems. It can help flush out your lungs from just heavy forceful breathing. Exercise also can increase your body temperature for a period of time which can kill viruses and bacteria trying to invade, similar to how a fever works. Just be careful you’re not over doing it. It may be easier to get short of breath, light headed, or nauseous. Just remember if you are working out while ill you’re not at your 100 percent, so don’t try and give 110 percent.

A little bit of a caveat with everything, overworking your body can actually do the opposite. Overuse or over-training can suppress your immune system, and it’s all because of those stress hormones we mentioned earlier. Working out once can slow the release of those hormones, but never letting yourself recover from those workouts will never turn them off. And those stress hormones can eventually do some serious damage, not just to your immune system, but to a lot of other areas in your body as well. 

SO! The gym is closed, and that sucks, but it’s all because of a virus, which means it’s more important than ever to STAY ACTIVE! Give your body time to recover and repair, don’t wear yourself out, but KEEP MOVING!

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