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Hey everyone!!

At FIRE Fondy we know that navigating through the world of health and fitness camps can be a bit tricky at times!! Between the pressure out there to look a certain way and the endless onslaught of misinformation/bro-science it can be just plain hard to know what is right and what is just non-sense.

We want to start helping you sift through the BS and offer you some direction in this crazy world that seems to shift opinions on the daily at times!

We are a team of certified personal trainers and nutrition specialist that can answer almost any question you may have. We have decades of experience in this industry and want to use it to guide you through the nonsense.

Some topics we plan on covering are:

-Meal prep tips and hacks

-Truth about strength training and cardio

-Exercise techniques and form

-Recovery (how to better recover after your workouts through food and stretching)

-Staying motivated

-How to read labels

-How to start new habits and keep them


The world of fitness can be a scary place to walk through sometimes. We are here to lessen those fears and guide you through your journey in any way we can!

Email us with any questions or topics you want us to cover, and we will be happy to include it in a blog!

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