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Every month our members vote on who they think pushed them harder, made them feel welcome, and was overall an awesome person to workout with. February's vote gave us Keri P. as our new Rockstar!

Keri has been part of FIRE Fondy for a good while now, so she knows the ropes! She brings her A game every single day, and will force you to also! She fuels off her workout buddies, and she'll force you to keep up!

Awesome job Keri! We're so proud to have you as part of our FIRE Family!

We asked Keri to share some of her favorite things about FIRE!!


Favorite exercise: Meisters and Spider Pushups


Favorite template: Lightening


What do you love about FIRE and why should other people give it a try?: "The coaches are amazing, they really help you and care. They will definitely push you harder than you think you can do but they are fun.....without being a$$holes about it. The workouts, they are never the same and you never know what you are walking into. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and competitive(in a good way) It's 30 minutes and you are done.  Everyone is cheering for you to succeed. It is great reaching new goals or bands, because everyone is cheering for you and happy." 

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