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What To Use For Your Fancy New HOME GYM!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Home gyms are the sad reality we’re living in now. Whether you like it or not (and let’s be real, you don’t) FIRE is closed for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay active! If anything, it’s more important than ever to stay moving in whatever way you can. It may seem more difficult, but there are a wide variety of options out there for you to keep on working out. We are putting on workouts on our YouTube page every morning Monday-Saturday at 8:30. In addition to that, we’ll be hosting specialty at-home camps exclusive to our members either 5:30 am or pm. We have plenty of options to keep you moving. Let’s talk quick about AT-HOME EQUIPMENT! Things that we’re going to use in our home workouts that you will have to come up with in order to knock your workouts up that extra step! First, let’s talk about that weighted backpack. We’ve used it quite a bit already, and maybe you feel good about yours, but let’s be real, comfortable isn’t our goal here. That backpack should be HEAVY. If you pick it up for that first exercise and think, “why did I put all that in here?” then PERFECT! Without our standard gym equipment getting all the resistance training we want is going to be a challenge. If you don’t want to lose strength and possibly muscle then you need to FILL THAT BAG! I can’t stress this enough, GET SOME WEIGHT IN THERE!

When filing your bag I recommend packing it with a pillow or blanket first, that way whatever you throw in there won’t shift around while getting tossed around, also you won’t damage anything you put in there. If you need ideas on what to pack, canned goods are a good start. Tools are a good bet also. Think of how heavy a hammer is, now throw a couple of wrenches in there and you’ll be over twenty pounds before you know it. Bags of rice or flour are also decent options, but beware of being too rough with that bag if you’re going that route. Use a zip-lock bag to contain any possible messes. Other heavy house-hold items could include liquid jugs (milk gallons, water jugs, and even liquor bottles), books, potato sacks, and frying pans (especially cast iron). Be prepared to use any of those items on their own also.

Next let’s talk about sliders. Chances are you’re doing these home workouts on either carpet or hardwood. If you’re on carpet you don’t need fancy furniture sliders, any sort of heavy duty paper works great. Paper plates, folders, a hardcover book (careful of the binding though), a ripped up cardboard box even. If you’re on hardwood floor, socks. Easy as that. Put on some

slippery socks, the fuzzier the better, and you’re golden.  There’s a bunch of stuff you have available at your home, even if you don’t know it. As usual, we’ll always have an equipment list in the description of our YouTube videos, and we’ll try to warn you best we can for

what you need for those Zoom specialty camps. Stay active, we’re making it easy for you. NO EXCUSES and GET IT DONE!


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