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At FIRE Fitness Camp®, we have taken the FAILURE OUT OF FITNESS by offering professionally coached training sessions by top tier motivators. FIRE can involve supersets, circuits, speed, resistance, and compound movements. The "functional" side of FIRE represents training the body for activities performed in daily life. Not to mention our incredibly successful approach to burning the most amount of calories during our 30 MINUTE SESSIONS by using short rest periods and intense resistance, which may come in the form of ropes, weights, bands, sleds, your own body weight, etc. The short rest periods also contribute to spiking your metabolism, which ultimately leads to FAST results.

What is FIRE
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It is our sole purpose to deliver our clients the most phenomenal workout experience on the planet.

When FIRE Fitness Camp opened its doors in January 2014, we wanted to accomplish three things: 1 - take failure out of fitness, 2 - make our clients feel like celebrities, and

3 - be the exact opposite of conventional health clubs.


From the moment you step through the door at FIRE you can't help but feel like this is definitely not the usual fitness facility. 


The unique Hollywood atmosphere seems to put you at ease while the upbeat music gets you excited about your up and coming workout.


"I want clients to feel like they're a celebrity when they're here. It's an opportunity to disconnect from all the outside stress going on in the day and simply unlock yourself," says founder Hans Hartleben.


Sessions start early in the AM and clients love the ability to grab fruit & a warm cup of coffee on their way out, which is offered complimentary every morning.


At FIRE Fitness Camp, we have taken the FAILURE out of fitness by offering professionally coached training sessions by top tier motivators.


Success takes teamwork; whether it's the person next to you in your group training session that keeps you going strong or the well-deserved round of applause you receive from your peers after being awarded your next attendance band.


"You are paying for true results here at FIRE, versus just access to a 24-hour fitness facility," ..."When accountability and motivation are low, people fail. Period.

Not just in fitness, but with anything in life," says Hans.

At FIRE, when we don't see you at least once a week, we reach out to YOU.

This stems from the commitment made to you on our behalf. ​


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